Pain Control with Marijuana: Bluepoint Wellness

Pain Control with Marijuana: Bluepoint WellnessPain Control with Marijuana: Bluepoint Wellness

Since 2014, Blue Point Wellness has operated in a former bank building on East Main Street, and has expanded into larger quarters in 2016. A trendy novelty, the facility serves more than 3,000 patients prescribed by 1,000 physicians.

The facility began as an idea that drew pharmacist Nick Tambourine once he began researching it. Regulations were being discussed back in 2012-12. In November 2013, Tambourine’s application to the town was approved due to his MBA and a business plan. Branf had a difficult time welcoming newcomers, so it was difficult to convince people.

Despite the inconspicuous entrance and the requirement that visitors sign in, the lobby is bright and spacious and has a detailed menu of products available. A high-speed countercurrent used for dispensing.

According to Tambourine, the business operates like a pharmacy and is built on a pharmaceutical model.

From children to people in their 90s, Blue Point Wellness caters to all ages.

Among the reasons people seek cannabis are MS, back injuries (which are the most common), cancer, epilepsy, and PTSD. According to him, “it really works.”.

Bluepoint Wellness


Westport will get its first cannabis store on Monday with the opening of BluePoint Wellness, a cannabis consumer packaged goods company and retailer.

In a statement on Friday, GTI Founder and Chief Executive Officer Ben Kevlar said:
In Branford, GTI has a Blue Point Wellness store and a cultivation and processing facility. With the acquisition of Advanced Grow Labs in January, the company entered the Connecticut market.

Pioneering Paths to Healing


A UConn alumni and faculty member, Tambourines opened blue point Wellness of Connecticut in Branford this past September. This was in an effort to better the health of residents throughout the state.

In addition to providing outstanding health care services to Connecticut citizens, the University and UConn Health are committed to promoting medical advancement. In addition, Bioscience Connecticut – a bold investment of $864 million that will elevate the University’s status as a leader in genetic research and personalized medicine – demonstrates the University’s commitment to improving health care through innovation.

After learning more about medical marijuana, tambourine became convinced of its benefits. Federally and at the state level, the drug remains illegal, and the FDA has not approved it. A Canadian Consortium for the Investigation of Cannabis research program will be run by blue point Wellness through the Connecticut Pharmacists’ Association (CPA). Medical marijuana strains will be evaluated based on their effects on patients’ symptoms and conditions.

Licensing Process


Medical marijuana licenses are issued within 30 to 45 days of applying. In most cases, doctors initiate the process after meeting with patients to discuss their options. A pharmacist is involved in determining the dosage. Online applications and information about uploading required documents are available on the state website. Reapplication is required every year and the fee is $100.

The New Haven county license count was 5,285 and the state license count was 22,438 as of mid-January. tambourines has access to a number of numbers. Advanced Grow Labs (West Haven), Connecticut Pharmaceutical Solutions (Portland), and Cerulean (Simsbury) are the four licensed producers in Connecticut. It is illegal to cultivate marijuana without a state license