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Hello and welcome to We are a gathering of innovative diligent employees set on making the world’s best masked convey holsters. Gotten comfortable the ask of North Idaho, our extremely close association plans, makes and conveys a broad assortment of significant worth American weapon holsters and embellishments. We are energetic about what we do, and our gathering takes confidence in a fair living.

Trailblazer and Owner Thomas Tedder has reliably regarded a quality holster at a sensible expense. This is the manner in which we began our business in 2013, and the present the means by which we continue to continue with work. We are satisfied to offer the best holster things on earth. Period. Feel permitted to explore our site and send your requests to our all around arranged client support bunch! We are here to help.

Award Winning Holster Designs

Because of our determined exertion and energy for what we do, concealed carriers cross country have allowed Alien Gear Holsters 4.6 out of 5-stars on Google. Our gathering was in like manner respected to get the “Best Holster in the History of Ever” from Concealed Nation, the greatest stowed away convey site in the world.

More nuances

There may be no more versatile handgun than the Glock 19… yet not an unnecessary number of Glock 19 holsters convey a comparable adaptability. It’s an incredibly renowned weapon extraordinary for stowed away convey and open convey. Regardless, for the two purposes, you’d require something like two holsters. Starting as of late. The Shape Shift Glock 19 holster is reasonable with all periods of Glock weapons, including Gen 5.

The Shape Shift holster by Alien Gear is no straightforward holster – it’s a completed convey system. If you convey your weapon in more than one manner, which the Glock 19 is exceptionally proper to, then, this Glock 19 pass holster structure is definitely fit on to your inspirations.

The History of Alien Gear Holsters

The verifiable background of Alien Gear Holsters is a captivating story… not regularly do you get to see development being from the kitchen to an empire. In 2010, Thomas Tedder’s weapon slipped from his holster and banged to the ground in a Chucky Cheese stopping region. This miserable misfortune drew thought from nearby patrons. Knowing that he would at absolutely no point in the future depend upon someone else’s holster, Tedder began to gather his own from the limits of his kitchen. As business created, the energetic creator moved his action to a shed in his backyard. Over the course of five years, our gathering has integrated Alien Gear Holsters into the primary camouflaged convey holster association. We moved into our new office in Post Falls, Idaho, in November of 2016.We have looked out for our characteristics through this time of advancement.

Outcast Gear Holsters Mission

At Alien Gear Holsters, we really need to further develop things — to push the same old thing each and every holster. Since our association’s starting in March of 2013, we’ve made it our target to get together on the whole to convey the world’s best covered pass on products. As Chief Executive Officer, I should really welcome you to Alien Gear Holsters.