Exercising When You Have an Injury

ExercisingExercising When You Have an Injury

Having a damaged knee is very frustrating for a person who likes to be physically active. Injuries in this area usually have a very poor prognosis, due to the anatomical complexity of the area. Therefore, you must do everything on your part to achieve a good recovery in exercising through an injury, as well as follow the instructions of your doctor.

Exercise after a knee injury

The knee is one of the most important joints in the body, and its injury can seriously incapacitate you. This allows the movement of the leg, especially its flexion and extension.

Although you may not often think about it, the knee joint is involved in many everyday tasks. The simple fact of moving from one place to another implies their participation.

Therefore, it becomes important to return from an injury correctly, recover well, and get back to exercising again. To do this, we will expose some keys that you cannot ignore.

Steps to follow:

  1. You can have an injured knee and not for that reason give up exercising your abs. Of course, you should do sit-ups in which you do not have to exert force with your knees. Hypopressive sit-ups are very suitable since they are non-violent exercises in which you only work the muscles of the abdomen. We invite you to read this article in which we select the best hypopressive abdominal exercises.
  2. To keep your pecs and arms in check, you can work the weights sitting down. It’s a great exercise to do with a knee injury. By not standing, your knees do not have to support the weight of the weights or your own body, so you can do physical activity in a safe way for your joints. In this article on how to exercise your arms with weights, you will find a series of ideas.
  3. To compensate for the work of the abdominal and chest muscles, it is very convenient that you also focus on strengthening the muscles of the back. At this point, the exercises that you will find in this link are very suitable and are also beneficial to combat back pain.
  4. If the knee injury is not very serious, you can do low-impact exercises, which are characterized by the fact that the joints do not receive great force when they are executed. Of course, you must always receive the express authorization of the doctor who is treating you, because if you make an effort that is not convenient for you, you can complicate the knee injury, which is already very complex in itself.
  5. If the knee injury causes you stress because it prevents you from practicing sports at the intensity you were used to, it is highly recommended that you do an activity such as yoga. With it, in addition to obtaining physical benefits derived from muscle stretching, you will be able to calm your mind and reduce anxiety. 

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